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"Eat Clean. eat Fresh. Eat Healthy"

The literal translation of POTTO is “pot” in japanese and in a word, embodies our one pot asian-fusion cuisine at POTTO.

Why we're here

We're here for you. Our purpose is to serve you Ma’s home cooked recipes as it should be made. We don't use any nasties in our cooking at home, and we wouldn't do it at POTTO. Each bowl is hand made, and every herb is hand picked to compliment your meal.

What does fresh mean?

Your meal is cooked to order. We know it takes longer, but fresh is better. Fresh means each pot of curry sauce is made from scratch with raw ingredients. Fresh means our chicken and pork is delivered daily by our butchers, hand tenderised, marinated and finally cooked to order. Fresh also means we will source vegetables from our Victorian farms and markets and support local businesses.

POTTO is about feeling good about what you eat, even after you have eaten it.

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